White Girl Bath Salts For Sale

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White Girl Bath Salts For Sale

White Girl Bath Salts For Sale from mindpsychedelicshop.com provide a smooth, sensual bath that will leave you feeling refreshed. When you buy it from us, you know you’re getting the best quality on the market. Other concentrated bath salts are available for wholesale and retail at reasonable prices.

They have a very strong aroma!

Bath Salts

Do you want to know where you can get White Girl Bath Salts online? They are available online at mindpsychedelicshop.net without any difficulties or embarrassment. Every time you acquire White Girl Bath Salts online from our Drug Store, we work tirelessly to ensure that you save money. Our goal at mindpsychedelicshop.com is for our customers to pay less and get more.

Bath Salts for sale

Main active ingredient: MDPV (methylenedioxpyrovalerone) and mephedrone (which are found in a lower dosage in legitimate bath salts and plan foods)

What it looks like: White, powdery or crystallized substance packaged as bath salt

Street names: Ivory Wave, Bolivian Bath, VanillaSky, Legal Cocaine, Snow White, Hurricane Charlie, Bliss, Pure White, Purple Iris, XXX-rated plant food

How it is used: Inhaled, injected, eaten in food and swallowed in drinks. Bath Salt can be rolled into joints with marijuana and smoked, too (called Head Trip Potpourri)

Duration of the high: The initial rush peaks within 15 minutes to one hour and can last for five hours. Many users re-dose to extend the effects for a few days

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